Set the Right Pricing Strategy for Your Business

Monitor real-time and historical price changes in your product and category. Know your competitors’ pricing patterns and promotional offers at all times using our price monitoring software.

Increased Customer Acquisition. Better Profit Margins.

Monitor price changes in real-time to make well-informed pricing decisions

Free your team from the chaos of manually compiling resource-intensive pricing data. Keep an eye on day-to-day price changes for your and your competitors’ products and categories.

Get visibility on promotions to improve your return on investment

Never miss out on potential promotion opportunities by keeping track of ongoing promotions. Understand the sales performance of your product during promotion vs. when there is no promotion.

Initiate price comparison with product matching across channels

Set prices in tune with market changes by identifying products, their prices, and other features across channels. Decrease or increase SKU prices similar to equivalent products of rivals.

Analyze competitors’ marketing strategies

Learn about your competitors’ promotional moves to grow your share of digital shelf. Keep track of their targeted ads and offer better alternatives to attract customers toward your brand.