Search Ranking Made Easy for E-commerce Businesses

Know how many times your brand is showcased online in comparison to your competitors’ brands. Make the best out of ranking high.

Better Brand Visibility. Improved Market Share.

Keep an eye on your brand’s organic position and page rank

Analyze your page rank to understand which keywords are working in your favor and the ones that have dropped. Rely on your brand’s organic tactics by following a specific engagement and style criteria.

Identify and take action on keyword gaps

Equip your teams with the right data visualization tools to tap into keywords that can potentially drive traffic to your brand. Target niche high-competition keywords to outdo your competition.

Analyze your product position at zip-code levels

Take action to safeguard your brand’s visibility across all e-commerce platforms and at all zip-code levels. Gather a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s landscape for better decision-making.

Monitor featured and sponsored products

Scrutinize the products promoted by competitors and measure the promotion effectiveness of your product range. Monitor the paid and organic reach for your brand to improve site traffic