Maintain Optimum Stock at All Times

Keep track of your stock and understand the mix of products offered to your customers. Our assortment and availability monitoring software helps to maintain your online inventory health and drive sales.

Grow Market Share. Better Inventory Accuracy.

Monitor your competitors' assortment across online marketplaces

Know when your competitor is running out of stock for a product and use such opportunities to seize the market. Discover alternatives of your products offered by your competitors and bridge any product gaps in assortments.

Standardize your product category to be at par with competitor offerings

Data gathered from multiple e-commerce sites can be confusing. Make well-defined category trees and enable better comparison with category standardization. Analyze the classifications used by suppliers for your products on their sites.

Gain visibility to excess stock and stock-out situations

Ensure stock availability for your fast-moving products and new launches. Minimize the chances of unaccounted missing items and identify any underperforming stock keeping units (SKUs).