Manage Your Brand's Online Reputation Effectively

Decode the customer emotions conveyed through varying tonalities with rating and review monitoring. Convert customer feedback into actionable insights for product development.

Build Credibility. Attract High-Intent Customers.

Benefit from sentiment analysis to dive deep into customer's brand perception

Uncover actionable insights from qualitative analysis of your and your competitor’s products. Understand the true sentiment of the customer to align PDP, product, and messaging for the brand.

Take control of online conversations about your brand in one single dashboard

View your product’s positive and negative customer reviews from all channels in one single place. Create solid data-packed ad campaigns based on user-generated content captured from ratings and reviews.

Build brand loyalists based on product attributes

Differentiate between the strong and weak attributes of each of your products from the review analysis. Pinpoint the attributes to communicate to your product teams for improvement and innovation.