During the month of May 2023 , the Baby category on Amazon had 235 products and 103 brands. Among those brands, the top brands were Pampers, Huggies, Mama Bear, Philips Avent, Honest, Waterwipes, Lansinoh, Dr. Brown'S, Amazon Baby Registry and Munchkin.

Each of these brands had a varying number of products in the bestseller list, with Pampers having the most with 30 products and Amazon Baby Registry having the least with 1 product.

The average ranking of these brands was also different, with Amazon Baby Registry having the best average rank of 9 across all its products, while Dr. Brown'S had the least average rank of 9.

The best performing brand in the Amazon Baby category during the month of May 2023 was Pampers with 30 products in the bestseller list with a bestseller rank of 32 on average.





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