Digital Shelf Insights: Amazon Bestsellers in the Health and Household Category

In 2022, each American household had spent an average of around $170 on laundry and cleaning supplies, according to a Statista market report. In the last five years, the average expenditure has increased by $100 per household. Consumers today prefer organic and eco-friendly alternatives to products made with chemical agents. Through this e-commerce category statistics report, we share valuable insights on Amazon bestsellers in the health and household categories.

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About the Report

This is a MetricsCart Digital Shelf Insights report on Amazon’s top-selling health & household items. The category encompasses a wide range of products.

Household products generally include cleaning tools, house, dishwashing, and laundry products. Health-related products comprise OTC drugs, nutrition supplements, personal care products, and healthcare devices.


This e-commerce market intelligence is prepared by our team of data experts. They shortlisted the top 100 bestsellers from all the products listed within the health & household category on Amazon in May 2024.

Key Findings

The image shows the product details of May’s #1 bestseller on Amazon in health & household category

  • Consumers benefit as the average sale price of products is lower than the regular price
  • Amazon Basics leads with 11 products in the category
  • Three out of five top-ranking household essentials on Amazon are from Amazon Basic
  • Bounty quick-size paper towels hold the No.1 position in the Amazon bestsellers rank (BSR) in health & household and have to its credit the most customer reviews
  • Most best sellers in the health and household have received a rating of 4.8 out of 5

Average Discounts in Amazon: Health and Household Category

In the analysis of the health and household category on Amazon for May, the average discounted price of products was lower than the regular price.

The price of bestsellers in the health and household category ranges from $4.47 to $55.99. Undoubtedly, Amazon gratifies customers of all segments, from the budget-conscious to the brand-conscious. The average regular price of $22.92 is reduced to an average sale price of $20.1.

the statistics show the average sale price of the health and household bestsellers is lower than the average regular price on Amazon

Due to consumers’ growing reluctance to pay high prices, manufacturers are resorting to strategies like shrinkflation to make the customers feel better. In this strategy,  without raising the price of products, brands shrink the amount inside the package. For example, Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care toilet paper, which had 340 sheets per roll, has shrunk the number of sheets to 312.

Amazon’s #1 Bestseller in Health and Household Category

Three out of five bestseller products rounded out belong to Amazon Basics. Amazon Basics AA and AAA alkaline batteries are at the second and third positions. However, Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels tops the list of bestsellers in health and household supplies.

the image shows the 5 top ranking brands in the health and household category on Amazon in 2024

A survey conducted by Statista in 2019 found that an average amount of $765 was spent on housekeeping supplies. Toilet tissue, paper towels, kitchen storage, air fresheners, and batteries were in the top five positions. Back then, toilet tissue generated nearly $9 billion in revenue.

Five years later, the demand for batteries, toilet tissues, and paper towels remains unchanged. Probably, these products have been consistently in demand on Amazon.

Amazon’s algorithm calculates the best seller ranking based on several factors, such as:

  • The sales velocity between the current sales and historic sales volume
  • Product price changes and promotions
  • Competitive products

Bounty Paper Towels Leads in Reviews Among Amazon Household Items

Reviews & ratings reveal high customer satisfaction in the health & household category on Amazon. Almost all bestsellers have received a fairly large number of reviews and ratings.

  • On average, 91,380 people have reviewed the products with a 4.60-4.90 rating
  • Shoppers have written 59,388 reviews for ratings in the range of 4.30-4.60
  • Products with 4-4.30 ratings have received 19,304 reviews

The image shows the average number of reviews that bestseller items with a 4.8 rating received on Amazon in 2024 for the health & household category.

Segregating the bestsellers based on the number of reviews,

  • Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels tops the list with 257,523 reviews
  • NatureWise Vitamin D3 5000iu supplements follow next with nearly 100,000 reviews less than Bounty
  • Band-Aid fabric bandages take the third position.

Top Amazon Health and Household Brands with Most Bestseller Products

Among the 100 bestsellers in the health and household category, Amazon Basics leads with 11 products. On Amazon, to be a bestseller, you need to sell more products and outsell your competitors.

To outsell Amazon Basics may not be easy, but it is commendable for Cottonelle, Physician’s Choice, and Tide to feature their three products in the list.

The image shows the average number of reviews that bestseller items with a 4.8 rating received on Amazon in 2024 for the health & household category.In 2022, the US had the biggest laundry care market in the world. Tide is a laundry detergent brand that has a major market share in the US and globally.

Amazon is the Top Seller in the Health and Household Category

Our analysis found that Amazon has a huge lead over other third-party retailers. The e-commerce category statistics reveal among the 100 bestsellers, 66 are sold by Amazon.

The graph shows Sellers with the Highest Count of Products in the Health & Household Category on Amazon in 2024.

This could probably be because most third-party sellers tend to opt for fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service for faster shipping.

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