Digital Shelf Insights: Best Performing Climate Pledge Friendly Brands on Amazon

The Economic Intelligence Unit reports that since 2019 there has been a 71% increase in the search for sustainable products on the online platform. Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly is an initiative that aims to lower the carbon footprint in the environment and simultaneously promote the use of sustainable products in the daily lives of consumers.

About the Report

MetricsCart Digital Shelf Insights brings you carefully curated reports every month. For May, the limelight is on Climate Pledge Friendly, a sustainable product category on Amazon.

The brands in this category focus on creating carbon-neutral, sustainable products that don’t harm the environment during their manufacturing process. As a co-founder of the Climate Pledge initiative, Amazon aims to be net-zero carbon by 2040.


The category performance for May has been analyzed using 45 sustainable products certified with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on the Amazon marketplace.

Key Findings

  • Consumers are willing to spend on sustainable products regardless of price
  • Always4u, a Climate Pledge certified brand, has the most products
  • The majority of products in the sustainability category are not discounted
  • The highest-rated products offer the lowest discounts
  • White Oeko full-size 4-piece bed sheet has the highest number of reviews

How Do Products Qualify for Climate Pledge Friendly on Amazon?

Products that are available under the Climate Pledge Friendly should be approved by at least one sustainability standard certification.

A screenshot of Climate Pledge Friendly certified headphones by Anker Soundcore on Amazon

These products can be identified with a green Climate Pledge Friendly badge on the side of the product image. The badge helps the consumers to identify the sustainability features of the product.

Top Climate Pledge Friendly Brand With Most Products on Amazon

McKinsey & Co. survey reports that around 75% of millennial respondents put sustainability as a key factor while shopping. Consumers are more conscious about the brands and products they use. Buying decisions depend on whether a particular brand aligns with the overall lifestyle philosophy of the consumer.

Infographics on top Climate Pledge Friendly brands with most products on Amazon

Among the sustainable brands on Amazon, Always4u ranks at the top by offering 10 products under the brand. Always4u has a wide range of sustainability product options, and hence they are preferred by consumers. Brands Seventh Generation with 4 products and Danilo Promotions Ltd. with 2 products follow at the second and third places respectively.

Big Brands on Climate Pledge Friendly

Major brands like Amazon Essentials, Anker, Fruit of the Loom, and Glidan are also asserting their presence in the Climate Pledge Friendly category by offering a wide range of products.

Best Performing Brands in Climate Pledge Friendly Category, May 2024

Amazon Essential leads the list by offering 519 products. Anker, Fruit of the Loom, and Gildan also follow with 287, 205, and 200 products, respectively. These brands have an existing consumer base and they are exploring the sustainable category to offer their consumers more eco-friendly products with high quality.

Top Seller of Climate Pledge Friendly Products on Amazon

It is important for a seller in the Amazon marketplace to offer products at the best price and quality to attract consumers. The sellers in the sustainable category offer value-oriented products that resonate with the eco-conscious attitudes of consumers.

Infographics showing the top seller with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge on Amazon

  • Always4u Design is the top seller with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge
  • and Budget Gifts UK are on the second and third spot
  • Sellers compete with big names like and Amazon Global Store UK by offering sustainable products

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Pricing and Discounts on Climate Pledge Friendly Products on Amazon

Expensive Products with the Climate Pledge Friendly Certification

According to Allied Market Research, the home decor market in the US is estimated to reach $158,929.1 million by 2027. Sustainable products in home decor are also in great demand as consumers are opting for environment-friendly products.

Sustainable products on Amazon marketplaces are available in different price ranges. Different brands offer a high-priced to affordable range of products that cater to the interests of all consumers.

  • Always4u 120-inch white soft velvet curtains are the highest-priced product with Climate Pledge certification at $73.99
  • The second most expensive product also belongs to Always4u; the Always4u 100% blackout plaid bedroom curtains are priced at $63.99
  • David Archy men’s underwear, Always4u sage green plaid curtains, and Always4u 100% blackout foil print ridged velvet curtains are priced at $62.99, $53.99, and $49.99, respectively

Always4u is able to cater to the needs of consumers by providing premium and luxury series home decor items like curtains. This enables it to stay on top of the chart and become a consumer favorite.

Most Affordable Products in the Climate Pledge Friendly Category

On the other hand, let’s look at some of the affordable products with Climate Pledge Friendly Certification.

  • Gruffalo gift wrapping paper and Wrestling official WWE gift wrap are the most affordable products in the sustainable category, priced at $6.99 each
  • USDA organic lip balm and Eco laundry detergent sheets quickly follow at $9.95 and $9.97 respectively

Discounted Brands and Products With the Amazon Climate Pledge Certification

According to the MetricsCart report, 60% of sustainable products with the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly certification are sold without any discounts. It means that consumers are willing to spend on brands if they offer good quality and sustainable options.

The remaining 40% are offering discounts and sales for budget-conscious customers. The Climate Pledge Friendly category is able to cater to the pricing needs of all kinds of consumers.

Infographics showing the brands that offer the highest discounts in the Climate Pledge Friendly category on Amazon

Among the sustainable brands:

  • Nature Clean offers the highest discount at 24.97%, and Seventh Generation offers the lowest at 9.08%
  • Other brands like Snuggle Sac, Clearalif, and Super Sparrow also offer impressive discounts for their products

This creates a competitive environment for eco-friendly brands and provides multiple buying options for consumers who would like to choose affordable products that are also good for the environment.

Nature Clean’s non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner strips are the highest discounted product at 24.97%. Clearalif laundry detergent, Snuggle Sac fluffy throw blankets, and Seventh Generation white toiler paper also offer impressive discounts.

Do Discounts Affect Ratings in the Climate Pledge Friendly Category?

According to the data findings at MetricsCart, the ratings of the products do not seem to have any direct connection to the discounts offered.

Infographics showing the relationship between discounts and product ratings in the Climate Pledge Friendly category on Amazon

Products that offer the least discount seem to have the highest average rating of around 4.5.

However, products with higher discounts have a slightly lower rating of 4.35.

Consumers are ready to pay for high-quality, sustainable products without being too conscious about pricing. They trust eco-friendly brands to offer them overall product value rather than just affordable pricing.

Analysis of Reviews and Ratings in Climate Pledge Friendly Category on Amazon

E-commerce researcher Stephanie Chevalier’s 2020 survey states that around 40% of US consumers rely on product reviews and recommendations while making online shopping decisions. Amazon’s rating and review system is trusted by 55.6% of consumers in the US, and this makes the rating system a powerful tool to influence buying decisions.

An infographic showing the rating distribution of Climate Pledge Friendly products on Amazon

Most of the products in the Climate Pledge Friendly category on Amazon fall in the rating range of 4.3 to 4.5. This shows that consumers are generally satisfied with the range of products offered in the category.

Certain product ratings go from 4.6 to 4.8, indicating a very high level of customer satisfaction. The general approach of brands in the manufacturing of sustainable products and the product value offered to consumers in terms of quality, pricing, usability, etc., also inspires a higher rating range.

Infographics showing the review count of different product ratings in the Climate Pledge Friendly category on Amazon

The most popular products in the sustainable category have an average rating of 4.5 and 340,269 reviews. Products within the 4.4 rating secure the second place but with a large margin and review count of 116,209.

Even though there are reviews for products in the rating range of 4.6 to 4.8, all of them are less popular with consumers, with a review count as low as 4,721 for products with a 4.8 rating.

Infographics of Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly category analysis showing the average price for different product ratings

The average price by rating is another area with interesting observations.

  • A rating of 4.8 has a low average price of $13.98
  • 4.7 rating has the highest average price of $38.98
  • A 4.5 rating has an average price of $33.56
  • 4.6, 4.4, and 4.3 ratings have average prices of $28.02, $21.58, and $15.82, respectively

The disparity between average price and ratings proves that consumers are not entirely dependent on ratings. They consider multiple factors like product features, brand reputation, etc., while making purchase decisions on the Climate Pledge Friendly category on Amazon.

Top 5 Products by Review Count in Climate Pledge Friendly Category on Amazon

On the basis of the review count, here are the top-ranking products in the Climate Pledge Friendly Category on Amazon:

Comfy Breathable and Cooling Sheets - Full Size 4 Piece Sheet Set319649
Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets - 60 Loads79289
USDA Organic Lip Balm - 6 Packs by Earth’s Daughter14584
Seventh Generation Toiler Paper - White13803
David Archy Men’s Underwear11625

Comfy 4 piece bed sheet has the most number of reviews in the Climate Pledge Friendly category at 319,649. Customers prefer the soft and smooth texture of the product. However, some customers have raised concerns about the thickness of the fabric.

Best Performing Product Categories on Amazon

For the month of May 2024, the Climate Pledge Friendly of Amazon has some best-peforming product category choices.

Best Performing Brands in Climate Pledge Friendly Category, May 2024

The apparel category has the highest sales in the Climate Pledge Friendly section with 2195 products. It is followed by computers, grocery, and beauty categories with 588, 450, and 444 products.

#1 Ranked Climate Pledge Friendly Products on Amazon

Among the sustainable apparel category, let us look at some of the highest-ranked products that are preferred by customers.

#1 Ranked Products
Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit 7” Short
Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Bikini Brief Underwear, Multipacks
Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts, Mulipack
Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirts, Multipack Style G1100
Gildan Platinum Men’s Crew T-Shirts
Russell Athletic Men’s Cotton Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The Climate Pledge Friendly category saw a huge rise in its products towards the end of May. The product number grew from an initial 429 in the first week of May to a whopping 2753 products by the end of the month.

This shows how big brands are also making their presence known in the climate pledge-friendly category on Amazon, and this will provide more sustainable product choices for consumers in the future.

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