Digital Shelf Insights: Category Data Analysis on Target

In 2024, the US consumer electronics market is expected to touch $159.9 billion in revenue. As per the industry forecast, 50% of this revenue may come from online stores. 

In this edition of  MetricsCart’s Digital Shelf Insights report, our experts analyze category performance for Target’s consumer electronic segment.

About the Report

MetricsCart’s Digital Shelf Insights is a monthly report where our experts analyze data on a brand and category level. We provide valuable insights spanning the digital shelves of various retailers.


For this month’s category performance analysis report, we analyzed 16,385 products from 15 electronic sub-categories of Target. The sub-categories range from video games to batteries.

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Key Findings

  • Monoprice is the most available product of a brand in stock
  • Video games hold the largest number of SKUs
  • Nintendo leads with the highest number of reviews in video games
  • Asus is the most costly cell phone selling on the platform
  • Batteries is the sub-category that offers more than 50% discount

Product Category Analysis: Video Games Lead the List

More than 40% of customers shopping at Target in stores for categories including electronics & toys or food & beverage tend to research online for price and user reviews. It is also noticed that there is six times more conversion when guests search for a product in their online store.

Among the 16,385 items analyzed, Target store stocks:

  • 1440 SKUs in video games
  • 1413 SKUs in cell phones
  • 1342 tech accessories required by content creators

The graph shows the total number of products across electronic sub-categories on Target in 2024

Video games are the most stocked product at Target because they could be the most in-demand product.

Technavio conducted an analysis of the gaming market in the US. The report forecasts the market size of the video game sector to reach $22.99 billion, increasing at a CAGR of 11.13% between 2022 and 2027.

With the rising penetration of smartphones, high-bandwidth network connectivity, the popularity of eSports tournaments, and console gaming, consumer spending on electronic products is rising.

Top-Performing Seller and Brand: Monoprice Dominates

First, we look at the top brands stocking the most products on Target.

The graph shows the top 10 electronic brands with the most number of products on Target in 2024

With 1,022 products, the Monoprice brand has the largest number of electronic products on Target. Their products, especially premium certified signature HDMI cables with a lifetime warranty, are known for their quality and affordability.

In second place is AKG, with 762 products. The brand is known for its Hi-Fi headphones and earphones. The same company tunes the headphones that come with Samsung’s flagship devices.

Acer is in third position with 485 products on Target.

Next, we look at the top sellers in the Target online store in March 2024.


The graph shows sellers on Target with the most number of products to sell in 2024

Monoprice, a wholesale supplier of affordable electronics and accessories, dominates its presence on Target. It is not only the top brand but also the top seller on Target.

Primarily, Monoprice gets its products made by white-label manufacturers in Asia and sells them at a reasonable cost under the private label ‘Monoprice’ in the US and other countries.

In addition to Monoprice private label products, the seller also sells and ships Monolith speakers. As a seller, Monoprice has 1,029 products, which includes Monolith.

Though FCO Direct has an online marketplace, it is Target’s second-most active electronic brand seller with 853 products.

Category Data Analysis: Sponsored vs. Non-Sponsored

Sponsored ads help brands re-engage with past shoppers, increase product awareness, and attract high-intent shoppers.

The graph shows 1272 sponsored items and 15113 non-sponsored electronic items on Target in 2024

Of the 16,385 products we analyzed, 1,272 products were listed as sponsored, and 15,113 products were non-sponsored.

Target’s sellers run ads through its retail media network, Roundel. The retailer highlights three pillars to help its brand partners effectively reach their customers.

  • Through intent-based media, the retailer aims to build customers’ interest in a product even when they are not actively searching for it.
  • ‘Roundel Kiosk’ is a reporting platform that gives sellers a near-real-time view of consumers’ actions, enabling them to make informed decisions about future campaigns.
  • The intent is to tie media spending to actual sales by elevating customer experience at every touchpoint.

Product Data Analysis: Pricing and Promotion

Monitoring prices in real time is helpful for brands, to decide on competitive pricing and promotions.

Batteries: The Category that Offers the Highest Discount

In the category data analysis for the highest discount offering, batteries stood first.

Other sub-categories that offered significant discounts are cell phones, computers, and office items.

the graph shows the electronic categories with the highest discounts on Target in 2024

The highest average discount on batteries was 60.17%. Lithium and alkaline coin cell batteries are two times cheaper on Target mainly due to low-cost raw materials.

Cell phones offered a 40.42% discount compared to computers and office machinery, which had a 38.46% discount. Cell phones are usually available for a reduced price when a newer model is launched in the market. In contrast, introductory offers are also applicable on some phone brands for a limited time period.

Rockstar Games: The Highest Discounted Brand in the Category

Analyzing the category performance during promotions, our analysts found video game companies such as Rockstar Games offer promotional prices less than half of the regular price.

When comparing the regular price and the discounted price, Rockstar offers a better discount than its sister company, 2K Games, on Target. Mgear, Link Worldwide, and Acer are other brands offering significant discounts.

The graph shows the electronic brands offering the best deals on Target in 2024

The average discount on Rockstar Games was 55.67%. Rockstar Games has the older versions of Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, etc., on the list. The sixth edition of Grand Theft Auto is scheduled for release in 2026.

The average discount on 2k Games amounted to 50%, and Mgear sold their products for a 44% discount.

Asus Phones: The Most Expensive Cell Phone on Target Digital Shelf

The graph shows the top ten most expensive cell phone brands selling on Target in 2024.

The graph shows the 10 most expensive cell phone brands selling on Target in 2024

At $724.99, Asus has the most expensive phone. Its gaming phones like Zenfone and ROG 8 Pro are relatively popular among avid gamers.

The costliest phone of Google is priced at $599, and Apple’s is priced at $440.99.

Product Data Analysis: Ratings and Reviews

Positive ratings and user reviews drive sales. Businesses that proactively track and manage reviews and respond to customer feedback will likely receive repeat purchases.

Product Rating Analysis of the Electronics Segment

The majority of products in the electronic category received ratings of 4 and 5, indicating that customers are generally satisfied with the products purchased from Target.

There are relatively fewer products with ratings 1 and 2. This suggests that the majority of products meet customers’ expectations.

The graph shows the number of products according to the ratings Target sellers received in 2024

  • 4106 products received 4-star ratings
  • 3800 products received 5-star ratings
  • 771 products received 3-star ratings
  • 255 products received 1-star ratings
  • 238 products received 2-star ratings

Product Review Analysis of Video Games Category

Reviews play a crucial role for brands and customers. By monitoring reviews and addressing negative feedback, brands can improve customer services and, if necessary, alter product features.

Through category data analysis in the video games segment, we discovered that most customer reviews are for Nintendo.

The graph shows brands with most reviews in video games in Target, 2024

In the video game category analyzed, the Nintendo brand received 263 reviews, the highest number in the product category. Xbox and HyperX were far behind, with 86 and 80 reviews, respectively.

Target’s review summary on Nintendo gaming consoles states that the products are popular for their versatility and portability. Impressive graphics, a variety of games, and multiplayer options stand out for Nintendo. However, some guests reported issues with the Joy-Con controllers, such as drifting and connectivity problems, and the system’s durability. Other concerns included the lack of included games and the need for additional storage.

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