How to Get Amazon Badges for Your Product Listings?

Badges fascinate Amazonians. As employees, they begin with a blue badge. On completing five years, they advance to yellow; a decade’s loyalty upgrades their badge color to red, and veterans completing 15+ years get a purple badge. Likewise, there are various types of Amazon badges that the company rewards its marketplace sellers.

Besides, Amazon sells specific badges that create a sense of urgency and motivate customers to take action immediately. They differ from sponsored ads, which are visible on third-party websites, apps, and Amazon pages.

What is Amazon Seller Badge?

When a customer scans the search result pages on Amazon, certain listings have tiny color-coded ribbons. These powerful visual indicators on marketplaces are called badges. They act like speed bumps and catch customers’ attention.

As of 2024, Amazon operates across 20 marketplaces worldwide. Professional sellers are free to sell on multiple Amazon marketplaces targeting various niches. However, if a seller’s products are bestsellers in the US, it does not guarantee they will earn the same badge in a different country.

Types of Amazon Seller Badges

Rewarding listings with types of Amazon badges encourages sellers who adhere to the marketplace’s guidelines. Here are the nine types of Amazon Seller Badges and tips on how to get them for your listings.

Amazon Best Seller Badge

Amazon Choice Badge

Amazon Prime Badge

Amazon New Release Badge

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

Small Business Badge

Limited Time Deal Badge

Extra Savings, Coupons & Discount Badge

Editors’ Choice Badge

Amazon Best Seller Badge

On Amazon, customers can access category-wise best sellers directly from the best seller tab on the home page, or the best seller listings show up on top of the customer search results.

Amazon has a tab called ‘Movers and Shakers’ that features the biggest gainers in sales rank compared to the products featured before 24 hours. If the products featured on this page consistently achieve good sales, they get the bestseller badge.

the bestseller badge a listing has received in the skillet sub-category within the utensils category on Amazon

Who Gets It?

Top 100 best sellers in every category

How to Get an Amazon Best Seller Badge?

A product with high sales velocity in every sub-category within a category gets a bestseller badge. Brands selling on Amazon have to aim to increase their sales. To achieve this goal, sellers have to:

  • Create a perfect listing to boost the conversion rate
  • Review competitor pricing and adjust pricing
  • Maintain consistent sales

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Amazon Choice Badge

‘Amazon’s Choice badge is valuable, as Amazon’s recommendation adds credibility to the product and leads to more sales for the seller.

the Amazon choice overall pick badge on Amazon

Who Gets It?

Amazon rewards the product listings that offer a positive customer experience. If the items are rated above 4 stars, purchased often by customers, and returned infrequently, get an ‘Amazon Choice Overall Pick’ badge.

How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge?

Amazon’s algorithm determines the listing worthy of the Amazon Choice badge. To increase the probability of getting this badge, sellers’ product listings should:

  • Show the match for the keywords when customers key in or do a voice search
  • Have a high number of positive reviews and good rating
  • Price the products competitively
  • Qualify for Prime for faster delivery
  • Have a strong best-seller ranking

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Amazon Prime Badge

The products with the Amazon Prime badge offer fast delivery at no additional cost, which attracts Prime customers. Such listings receive a higher ranking on the search result page and increase the probability of winning a Buy Box.

the seller fulfills Prime and offers faster delivery to Amazon Prime customers

Who Gets It?

Sellers who choose FBA as their fulfillment method are automatically considered for Amazon Prime. Otherwise, they must complete a 30-day trial period to offer customers free fulfillment. On successfully completing the seller-fulfilled-prime trial period, sellers get a Prime badge.

How to Get an Amazon Prime Badge?

Sellers interested in getting a Prime badge should complete 30 days of the trial period by meeting Amazon’s requirements:

  • Ship 100 or more packages
  • Achieve 93.5% on-time delivery rate
  • A tracking rate of at least 99%
  • A seller-initiated cancellation rate should not be more than 0.5%
  • Offer one-day or two-day delivery with no additional charge for Prime customers

Amazon New Releases Badge

Products that generate sales during the first few days of being listed qualify for this badge.

the new release badge on Amazon

Who Gets It?

New listings with high sales velocity

How to Get an Amazon New Release Badge?

After launching a product, it takes time for the listing to rank up on the first page to generate visitors. To build momentum and win the buy box on Amazon, sellers can:

  • Ensure the product listing is optimized to increase organic sales.
  • Promote the listings using pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements or other marketing techniques.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

The listings highlighted with a leaf icon target customers who care about preserving the environment.

climate-pledge friendly badge on Amazon

Who Gets It?

The seller who sells products that satisfy specific environmental or sustainability standards receives this badge.

How to Get a Climate Pledge-Friendly Badge?

  • The product should contain at least 50% recycled material
  • It should have sustainability features recognized by trusted certifications
  • The manufacturing facility of the product protects workers’ rights and health
  • The chemicals used in the manufacturing should be safe for humans and the environment

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Small Business Badge

A small business badge goes along with products listed by US-based innovators, women entrepreneurs, military family-oriented start-ups, and black-owned businesses.

small business badge on the Amazon listing

Who Gets It?

It is up to the sellers if they want to or not to display this badge along with the listings.

How to Get a Small Business Badge?

  • Seller must have an active minority-owned business registration
  • The brand employs fewer than 100 people
  • Generates an annual revenue of less than $50 million on and off Amazon
  • If the seller owns the rights to the brand. They can register on the brand registry or participate in the ‘handmade’ program to improve visibility

Limited Time Deal Badge

Coupons, discounts, and limited deals are badges that are paid advertising units.

A limited-time deal signifies the availability of products at special prices for 4-6 hours. Customers can access all the products offering limited-time or lightning deals directly from the ‘Today’s Deal’ tab.

The downside is that Amazon charges a fee even if the deal doesn’t generate sales.

listings with limited-time deal badges on Amazon

Who Gets It?

It is up to the sellers to decide if this badge is worth their investment. Customers invest in this badge for the following reasons:

  • As part of their launch strategy, some brands feature the product in limited-time deals to boost brand awareness.
  • An urgency is created among customers to buy the item at a discount and ultimately reduce excess inventory.
  • To increase traffic and sales volume for a product that is selling well.

How to Get a Limited-Time Badge?

  • Specific products such as tobacco or alcohol do not qualify for inclusion in this deal.
  • Sellers may have to offer an additional discount to boost product visibility on more competitive days, such as Prime Day or Black Friday.
  • The seller has to be Prime eligible, sell new products in good condition, and have at least a 3-star rating.

Coupons & Discount Badge

Having a coupon gives your product a li green badge indicating the benefits in the form of extra savings that the customer gets when such products are purchased.

three different types of saving badges on Amazon

How to Get a Coupons & Discount Badge?

The seller can add the coupons and the deal period through Amazon Seller Central. Amazon collects a fee every time a customer redeems a coupon.

Editors’ Choice Badge

According to Statista Consumer Insights survey 2024, 71% of readers bought books from Amazon. And books with an Editor’s Choice badge tend to sell more than others.

Kantar market research company testified that 57% of global book buyers do not shop with a specific title in mind. In such a scenario, having an Editor’s Choice badge helps shoppers and sellers.

the editor’s pick badge on Amazon

How to Get an Editors’ Choice Badge?

There is a dedicated team of Editors at Amazon. They curate the titles released from January through June. They select the top 20 books of the year within a category and assign a badge to books in every category to appease all kinds of readers. To increase the chances of earning this badge, writers have to:

  • Ensure the quality of the book meets Amazon’s standards.
  • Be active in the Amazon community by participating in forums and answering customer queries.
  • Introduce your book to Amazon editors and reviewers.
  • Create a buzz on social media and traditional media.

Tips to Win an Amazon Badge

  • Earning a badge for large categories is more complex than for niche categories.
  • You could boost your chances of earning the badge by optimizing your listings.
  • Avoid category stretching by listing products under irrelevant categories.
  • Offering deals on Prime Day tends to be more expensive than any other promotion day.

Why are Amazon Badges Important?

The rewarded listings on Amazon stand out from competing brands and most likely get added to the cart from the search result page. If you have never won a badge in your category on Amazon, we suggest competitor monitoring to analyze the secret behind other brands getting their badges.

Time is ticking. Connect with MetricsCart as soon as possible to check your products’ overall performance on the Amazon digital shelf and improve your chances of getting a prized badge.


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