Best MAP Monitoring Tool You Should Consider for E-Commerce

According to the Census Bureau, total e-commerce sales in the US crossed $1,118 billion in 2023. In this competitive environment of e-commerce, maintaining a consistent pricing strategy throughout retail channels has become irrefutable for brands.

Price monitoring and MAP monitoring are essential elements of e-commerce pricing strategy. Healthy margins, brand equity, and trusted authorized seller relationships stand out as some of the benefits of monitoring MAP for brands.

For reaping these benefits, various MAP price monitoring tools are available in the market. However, it can be confusing to choose the right one for online brands. Here are some careful considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best MAP monitoring software.

  • Robust performance
  • Easy integration
  • Interface categorization
  • Value-based pricing
  • Real-time violation monitoring
  • Express delivery

MAP policy monitoring software helps prevent high-risk scenarios in an e-commerce environment by tracing pricing and MAP violations in real-time. They automate most of the tasks, thereby saving time and money for the brands.

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Top MAP Monitoring Software To Consider

Based on ease of use and features provided, here are some of the best MAP monitoring software available on the market.

Disclaimer: The recommendations made are not listed in any particular order.


An image of MetricsCart MAP monitoring

With a user-first approach to digital shelf analytics and well-defined MAP monitoring capabilities, MetricsCart finds a strong footing among its competitors. Offering industry-leading digital shelf services, MetricsCart strives to make MAP monitoring a hassle-free and actionable process.

Key Features

Here’s what stands out for MetricsCart:

  • Dynamic data integration
  • Automated price monitoring
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Identify violators at SKU levels
  • Market best price with top-notch quality

Apart from identifying authorized and unauthorized sellers, MetricsCart also analyzes the buy box performance and generates insightful stats for brands and manufacturers.

Here is why you should consider MetricsCart for MAP monitoring:

  • Identifying authorized and unauthorized sellers
  • Detailed analysis of violation trends
  • Stats on buy box performance due to MAP violation
  • A complete breakdown of MAP violations

A comprehensive solution can minimize the frequent impact of losing Buy Box to unauthorized sellers. 


wiser logo

Wiser is a no-nonsense MAP monitoring tool that provides relevant information on brands’ products and pricing across multiple online platforms. Wiser’s dashboard categorizes the products offered and the list of authorized 3P sellers involved with the brand.

Key Features

Here’s what stands out for Wiser:

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Intraday visibility of product listings
  • Evidence-based support for MAP violations


minderest logo

Minderest offers MAP monitoring across multiple countries and online brands. It offers process automation and in-depth data analysis of product prices across different online platforms. Minderest also has a free-flowing information panel that helps to visualize data for better navigation around tasks.

Key Features

Here’s what stands out for Minderest:

  • Categorize by postal codes/zones
  • Advanced price matching algorithm
  • Price comparison for marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc.


prisync logo

Prisync, with its 14-day free trial, ticks all the right boxes for MAP monitoring for e-commerce businesses. They aim to provide the best possible customer experience with advanced data insights and a proactive support team.

Key Features

Here’s what stands out for Prisync:

  • Undetectable bots
  • Bulk data management
  • Instant price change notifications


42signals logo

A fairly new player in the market, 42Signals makes an impressive presence with its MAP monitoring tool. Focusing on tracing MAP violations and seller intelligence, 42Signals promises concrete results for increasing product performance and brand equity.

Key Features

Here’s what stands out for 42Signals:

  • Violation Identification
  • Insightful dashboard with accessible details
  • Impactful seller intelligence data

Apart from the above list of MAP monitoring tools, there are others like MAPPTrap, MAP Policy Partners, Trackstreet, Friggin Yeah, etc. that specialize in MAP alone.

Conclusion: How To Choose the Best MAP Monitoring Software

All the above-mentioned tools will do the job right, but it is always important to consider the following aspects while choosing the service that is ideal for your online business.

  • Simplicity of use through an accessible and intuitive user interface
  • Real-time MAP monitoring and notifications so that you don’t miss a beat
  • Affordable rates and a superior support system without compromising on quality

MetricsCart: Best Value With Zero Compromise

MetricsCart specializes in MAP monitoring and digital shelf analytics. We offer the market’s best rates and great consumer support, reducing your operating cost by almost 30%. Business scalability and product listings become streamlined, and competitor price changes are monitored using intelligent customization.

A perfect digital shelf partner like MetricsCart can make your online business processes efficient and error-free. Get on a discovery call with us. Our expert team is ready to assist you with all hands on deck.


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