How to Choose MAP Monitoring Software for Your Business

Are you constantly losing Amazon buy box wins to other sellers?

Struggling to stop unauthorized sellers from selling your products at a very low price?

Unable to prevent MAP violations by online sellers?

If your answer is yes, your brand needs an effective Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) monitoring software that does its job right. The one that tracks a brand’s product across online marketplaces and monitors and informs if a violation is detected at the minimum advertised price they set.

But how to choose the right MAP monitoring software?

Here are some tips to consider while choosing the right MAP monitoring that aligns with your business needs.

Factors Brands should Consider before Selecting a MAP Monitoring Tool

Before choosing a MAP monitoring software, brands need to ask themselves:

  • How many products does the brand sell on online marketplaces?
  • What are the various online marketplaces where the products are sold?
  • Are the SKUs being sold on retailer sites that the brand is unaware of?
  • Are MAP violations occurring when products are sold in bundles?
  • What are the long-term ecommerce profitability goals of the business?
  • How many dealers and distributors does the brand have?

Answering these questions will help brands narrow down their choices from the plethora of MAP monitoring software available on the market.

Tips for Choosing the MAP Monitoring Software

Apart from this, here are some additional tips for brands when selecting a suitable MAP monitoring tool.

User Friendliness & Navigation

According to ERP Software, 83% of senior executives state their biggest challenge is getting staff to use new software. Employees are more open to adopting new systems if it’s easy. One-off training or complex user manuals only work for some.

While choosing MAP monitoring software, it is essential to consider the ones with a user-friendly interface that enables users to navigate and understand the tool’s features quickly. It should allow users to set up various monitoring parameters, understand pricing trends, and view dashboards with real-time information without a steep learning curve.

MetricsCart’s MAP monitoring software offers an intuitive interface that helps users seamlessly visualize the necessary information with minimal effort.

Whether you are an e-commerce brand manager, founder, or sales director for the brand, user experience tops the chart when it comes to any software adoption within an organization.

Features and Analytical Capabilities

In Q1 of 2024, third-party sellers accounted for 61% of Amazon’s paid unit sales. Many of them can also be unauthorized sellers who violate the MAP policies established by a brand.

Therefore, brands must select software that provides 360-degree visibility into MAP-related information across various online marketplaces. They must also consider the number of websites and online marketplaces the tool can monitor. This enables brands to select a tool capable of monitoring the platforms where they sell their products.

Moreover, they must also check for location restraints the software has for tracking products. This will also help shortlist the MAP monitoring software, which can track the products in the countries in which the brand operates.

In addition, the tool must also have robust reporting analytics, which includes dashboards and reports that enable users to view information about unauthorized sellers and MAP violation details in an organized manner.

Image of MetricsCart MAP monitoring software dashboard

MetricsCart offers advanced analytics and dashboards highlighting MAP violation-related information in a single platform. You can gain insights into violation trends and compliant and non-compliant sellers, enabling brands to make data-driven decisions.

Configurability & Scalability

By selecting a configurable and scalable MAP monitoring tool, brands can ascertain that it will meet the requirements in the present and future. In addition, brands must look for solutions that can be customized based on your unique needs, including adding or removing fields, changing the layout, and incorporating custom notifications and alerts.

Therefore, the MAP monitoring tool should have a flexible architecture to accommodate the specific needs of your business. For example, it must answer the following questions:

  • Can it handle your current needs, as well as future growth?
  • Can it handle increasing volumes of data without compromising performance or accuracy?

Hence, a highly configurable and scalable tool is necessary to meet your business’s evolving requirements.

At MetricsCart, we will work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver a solution that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring you are always equipped to enhance your MAP monitoring capabilities.


Pricing is a crucial factor that can impact a brand’s final decision on selecting a MAP monitoring tool. Brands must conduct a proper cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the software cost with other criteria to make a suitable decision. Therefore, choosing software that fits your budget and offers ROI is essential.

MetricsCart offers custom pricing based on the features and functionalities the brand chooses for its MAP monitoring software.

Customer Support

One must always select software made by professionals with knowledge of MAP policies and excellent customer support for their clientele. So, before choosing a tool, brands must consider the following questions:

  • Is the customer service team easy to reach out to?
  • How fast can customer support resolve technical issues?
  • When are they available, and are they responsive?

At MetricsCart, our expert team will be available to answer and resolve any technical problems and client queries.

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Transform Your Business with MetricsCart’s MAP Monitoring

MetricsCart can enhance your brand performance with its customizable, user-friendly, and scalable MAP monitoring software. Get started today and ensure your pricing policies are always under control.

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