Amazon Price Tracker You Need in 2024: A Seller’s Guide

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, “Amazon’s dynamic pricing strategy stands out as a shining example of how to use pricing as a competitive advantage. Using sophisticated algorithms, Amazon updates the prices of millions of products multiple times a day, offering the most competitive prices to its shoppers.”

With a dynamically changing pricing strategy, it is imperative for online retailers, 3P sellers, and brands to monitor price changes on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon price tracker is a great way to track item prices and sales history on the Amazon marketplace. It is beneficial for online sellers, businesses, and customers alike.

Benefits of price trackers include:

  • Instant updates on price changes
  • Compare prices with other sellers/products
  • Monitor sales history and performance
  • Keep track of promotions and deals
  • Prevent price wars and boost brand protection

Top Amazon Price Tracker of 2024: Optimize Your Sales Strategy

Price TrackerFeaturesPrice
MetricsCartRegular Notifications
Amazon Buy Box Analysis
Detailed Product Promotion Data
Advanced Competitor Analysis
Personalized/Demo Available
ZentailAutomated Sales and Promotions
Monitor Pricing Across Multiple Channels
Customizable Pricing Templates
Personalized/Demo Available
DealavoDetailed Information Apart From Buy Box
Complete Pricing History
Timely Alerts on Promotions
Personalized/Demo Available
netRivalsAccess Data With Advanced Filters
Export Information on a Large Scale
Get Real-Time Alerts
Personalized/Demo Available
NoogataIdentify Best-Performing ASINs
Analyze Individual Product Performance
Target Specific Amazon Categories
Personalized/Demo Available
CamelCamelCamelDefine Price Threshold
Identify Popular Products
Brower Extension Called Camelizer
HoneyFree To Use
Droplist for Saving Favorite Items
Instant Alerts
KeepaEasy-To-Use Interface
Browser Extension Available
Support for International Stores
$17.50 Per Month
EarnyPredict Price Drops
Offers Cashback
Analyze Purchase History
$4.99 Per Month
Glass ItPrice History Using Verified Amazon Users
Strict Privacy Policy
Browser Extension Available
Upto $90 Per Month

The online market offers a large pool of Amazon item price trackers with multiple features and pricing. Some of them offer browser extensions for a more easier operation.

Based on comprehensive research and product analysis, here are the ten best Amazon price trackers for Amazon you can consider:


A screenshot of the price monitoring capabilities of MetricsCart

Offering an advanced range of price-tracking solutions, MetricsCart makes price monitoring easier for sellers/brands alike. MetricsCart’s special focus on Amazon product price tracking creates transparent yet impactful data insights for the user.

MetricsCart offers real-time and historical price changes of products. It helps in keeping track of your competitor’s pricing strategies so that brands can plan ahead and incentivize with the power of data. It helps the user to get an all-round view of the promotional strategies of the competitor.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider MetricsCart:

  • Daily notifications for products selected on Amazon
  • Regular Amazon buy box analysis for product performance
  • Competitor pricing analysis to decode price wars
  • Detailed product promotion stats like type, price, discount percentage, etc.

MetricsCart’s contextual analysis improves price monitoring efficiency by almost 25%. It enables the user to get relevant information pertaining to products under Amazon’s choice, Walmart’s Best Seller badges, etc.


If you believe in scalability and implementing cutting-edge data analysis into your online business, then your search stops at MetricsCart.


A logo of the Zentail price tracking solution

Like MetricsCart, Zentail is also a brand/seller oriented price tracker for monitoring and keeping track of price performance on stores like Amazon. It analyzes and adapts pricing according to the guidelines set by the user.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Zentail:

  • Run automated sales and promotions
  • Monitor pricing strategies across multiple channels
  • Instant alerts on profit margins
  • Customizable pricing templates for repricing


If you are looking for a tool with comprehensive features, Zentail fulfills your requirements.


dealavo logo

Add, track, and explore products of your choice from the Amazon marketplace using Dealavo. It helps the user to monitor and track entire data from Amazon without limiting just to the Buy Box. When the users receive a notification about a price drop, Dealavo immediately notifies the user. It also gives a detailed history of the product based on its price drops and promotions.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Dealavo:

  • Detailed information on products apart from Buy Box
  • Offers online and offline price tracking
  • Search for popular products and know the detailed history
  • Download product history in Excel


If you want a tool that helps you streamline your price tracking, Dealavo might be a good choice.


A logo of netRivals price tracker

netRivals offers the same basic features as other trackers in the market. It tracks the pricing strategies of competitors by analyzing the price variations. With its proprietary Amazon price monitoring module, netRivals provides email updates, enabling users to make informed pricing decisions.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider netRivals:

  • Access and segment data with advanced filters
  • Easily integrate netRivals price tracking module with Amazon
  • Export and customize information on a large scale
  • Analyze price changes in different currencies


If you prefer a tracker with varied specifications and capabilities, netRivals may be the right choice.


A logo of Noogata price tracker

Noogata offers an AI-powered price monitoring experience for the user covering multiple areas of e-commerce price analytics. View data at granular levels on product performance, number of units sold, total revenue, etc. Noogata also offers customizable solutions for brands.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Noogata:

  • Identify the best-performing ASINs
  • Analyze individual product performance and sales history
  • Compare the same item price with different retailers
  • Target specific Amazon categories to dominate market share


If you are a user who prefers to try out AI capabilities in e-commerce analytics, Noogata may be a good choice.


A logo of CameCamelCamel price tracker

CamelCamelCamel is one of the popular price-tracking solutions in the market. It offers a wide variety of options for the user ranging from setting alerts to importing wishlists from Amazon. CamelCamelCamel also enables its users to access price drop timings based on previous history.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider CamelCamelCamel:

  • Define price threshold for products
  • View price history of products
  • Offers browser extension called Camelizer
  • Identifies popular products and offers


The large user base for CamelCamelCamel speaks for itself.


A logo of Honey price tracking tool

Honey is one of the most popular price-tracking tools in the market. It is preferred by consumers for its droplist feature that lets you save your favorite products from multiple stores. Honey sends instant notifications once a price drop happens on your saved products in the droplist.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Honey:

  • Instant alerts on price drops
  • Droplist for saving items from multiple stores
  • Free to use
  • Availability of Chrome extension


If you love shopping from multiple stores and wish to keep track of products across stores, then Honey does the job right.


A logo of Keepa price tracking tool

Keepa has an aesthetically pleasing interface with all of the prominent features. It offers a free version with basic functionalities. Keepa allows you to create a customized wishlist of products so that you never miss an alert.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Keepa:

  • Accessible and easy-to-use interface
  • Offers browser extension for convenience
  • Well-defined price history of products
  • Support for international Amazon stores


If you prefer a balance between looks and functionality, Keepa can be a good choice as an Amazon price tracking tool.


A logo of Earny price tracking tool

Earny works by linking the user’s email address with the amazon account. This ensures that price drops and deals are not missed out. It also processes secure refunds if a price drop has happened on a product that you bought recently.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Earny:

  • Checks for probable price drops of products
  • Offers cashback on price drops
  • Analyses and purchase history for better recommendations


If you prefer multiple features within a reasonable subscription, Earny checks the list.

Glass It

A logo of Glass It price tracking tool

Glass It provides efficient price tracking for products on Amazon as well as puts an emphasis on protecting your data privacy. It provides alerts on discounts and deals. Glass It also makes sure that the user has access to the price history of favorite products on Amazon.

Key Features

Here is why you should consider Glass It:

  • Uses data from verified users on Amazon to create a price history
  • User data is protected through strict privacy measures
  • Browser extension makes operations easier
  • Regular notifications on major discounts and deals


If you prefer a tracking solution that works best with limited data and safeguarding privacy, then Glass It may be the right choice.

Choosing the Best Price Tracker for Your Online Business

With so many options available in the market for monitoring prices on Amazon, it can be a tough decision to fix on a particular tool. Here is a list of things to keep in mind while choosing the tracker that is right for your business/brand.

Operational Efficiency

Always look for a price-tracking solution that streamlines your operations and gives you better results with minimum interference. MetricsCart is a great choice as it helps to increase operational efficiency by 4x. Tracking, exploring, and notifying price fluctuations in a large pool of data requires innovative solutions.

Smarter Algorithms

Tracking and monitoring become a breeze if the tool incorporates smart algorithms that can analyze and interpret data within microseconds. This reflects in the overall efficiency of the tool and a better experience for the user.

Express Delivery

Half of the tracker’s work is done if the user gets notified about the latest price changes and deals on Amazon. This can be a deal breaker for many consumers as it would decide the product performance and profitability for brands/sellers on Amazon and other online retail platforms.


It is always better to choose a tool that is tailor-made for online retail platforms like Amazon. This charts out a proper operational blueprint for the tracker tool as it knows the platform inside out. The user also needs to put in less effort as the interface of the tracking tool complements the requirements of the retail platform.

Keeping all these factors in mind, brands and sellers can choose an ideal price-monitoring partner.

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MetricsCart: It’s Time to Track Faster & Price Smarter

At MetricsCart, we understand the risks and challenges involved in an e-commerce business. Our experts and data innovators strive continuously to identify and solve these challenges through sophisticated future-proof solutions.

Amazon price tracking and monitoring using MetricsCart’s advanced analytics and real-time notifications creates the perfect environment for your online business to thrive. We offer prudent MAP monitoring solutions so that your pricing strategy stays protected from unauthorized sellers and price erosions.

MetricsCart assures:

  • Customizable delivery frequencies according to convenience
  • Easy to intricate configurations made possible in-app
  • Exporting of raw data or scheduled data depending on preference
  • Analysis of critical issues on product performance

Get on a discovery call with us to ease your pricing decisions.


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