Digital Shelf Insights: Top Amazon Basics Product Categories

In 2009, Amazon entered the private-label business under a new brand called AmazonBasics. They initially sold generic products like cables and batteries at a lower price than the main brands. Within a few years, they outsold brands, like Energizer and Duracell, in the online marketplace for batteries.

Currently, Amazonbasics offers a wide range of products, from electronics to sports products and industrial and scientific to home and kitchen appliances.

About the Report

MetricsCart’s Digital Shelf Insights is a monthly report in which our experts analyze various brands and product categories on varied e-commerce platforms.

In this latest edition, we analyzed Amazon Basics product categories such as electronics, computers and accessories, home and kitchen, sports, fitness and outdoors, industrial and scientific, office products, tools and home improvement, and pet supplies.


This Digital Shelf Insights report is based on an analysis conducted by MetricsCart on Amazon’s private label brand, Amazon Basics, within the US marketplace. The analysis covers the period from June 1, 2024, to June 25, 2024.

It primarily focused on Amazon Basics’ categories and their sub-categories, particularly those with the most products. At the product level, more than 590,000 products are considered to examine the pricing trends and variations specific to Amazon Basics.

Key Findings

  • Electronics is the top product category of Amazon Basics.
  • Camera and photo sub-categories have the most products under the Electronics category.
  • The most expensive Amazonbasics product category is Patio, Lawn & Gardens.
  • Cellphones and Accessories are the least expensive Amazonbasics product category.
  • Amazon Basics products had a sudden price increase in the second week of June.

Top Amazon Basics Product Categories in June 2024

Amazon uses categories for product classification and ensures that customers can find products easily when searching on Amazon. There are 33 main product categories on Amazon.

Some of the best-selling Amazon product categories are:

  • Electronics
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Books
  • Pet Supplies
  • Sports and Outdoors

Most of Amazonbasics’s product categories belong to these best-sellers.

The top product categories of Amazon Basics in June 2024

Among Amazonbasics’ various product categories, Electronics leads with over 105,000 products. This is followed by the Health and Household category, which offers over 75,000 products.

They also have many Office products and Home & Kitchen items. There are 73,681 office products and 67,926 products belonging to the Home and Kitchen category.

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Top Electronics Sub-Category of Amazon Basics

As a popular product category of Amazon basics, Electronics contains numerous subcategories, such as cameras, televisions, office electronics, etc.

Top electronic sub-categories of Amazon basics in June 2024

The top electronics subcategory is camera and photo products, with 27,485 products. It includes tripod stands, UV protection camera lens filters, monopods, SDXC memory cards, etc. The average price of camera and photo products is $17.67.

This is followed by television, video products, and electronic accessories. There are 22,811 television products and 18,285 electronics accessories.

According to MetricsCart data experts, office electronics is Amazonbasics’s most expensive electronics subcategory, with an average price of $58.30, while televisions and video products have the lowest average price of $7.49.

Home and Kitchen Sub-Category of Amazon Basics

According to the Consumer Trends Report, the Home and Kitchen category on Amazon had a 16% increase in year-over-year sales in 2024.

the top home and kitchen subcategories of Amazon basics in June 2024

The top three Home and Kitchen subcategories are furniture, household cleaning supplies, and bath products. Amazonbasics sells more than 13000 products in each of these subcategories.

According to Amazon Bestsellers in Household Category Report, out of the 100 bestsellers, Amazon Basics leads with 11 products in the Household category in May 2024.

Furniture stands out in the Home & Kitchen category with the most products and the highest prices. The overall average price of Furniture subcategories is $52.34.

Here is a price breakdown of the top products within Amazonbasics furniture subcategories:

  • Home office furniture has an average price of $96.18
  • Game and recreation room furniture and living room furniture have a $24.28 average price.

Additionally, Amazonbasics offers 13,998 household cleaning products at an average price of $32.80.

Analysis of Pricing of Amazon Basics Product Categories

In 2023, the average product price increased in 11 Amazon categories while it declined in 15 categories. Let’s examine the pricing analysis of Amazonbasics products.

Expensive Amazon Basics Product Categories

Amazon basics' most expensive product categories in June 2024

Among numerous product categories offered by Amazon Basics, Patio, Lawn and Garden is the most expensive category. The average price of products under this category is $65.29.

One of the primary reasons for the increased prices for the Patio, Lawn, and Garden categories in June is the high demand for outdoor products ahead of the July 4 celebrations. Most people purchase outdoor products like foldable camping chairs, hammocks, beach towels, disposable cups and plates, etc.

Other expensive Amazonbasics categories only cost half of what Patio, Lawn & Garden offers. The average price of the Home & Kitchen category is $30.92, and the Automotive category is $30.68.

Least Expensive Amazon Basics Category

Amazon Basics' least expensive product categories in June 2024

In 2024 Q1, the Cell Phones & Accessories category experienced the biggest year-over-year decline in average product price, dropping 38%. A similar pattern can be found in June, as Cellphone & Accessories is the lowest-priced Amazon basics product category at $7.31.

Similarly, Amazon Basics offers climate-friendly products and arts, crafts, and sewing materials at affordable prices of $14 and $14.33, respectively.

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Weekly Price Variations of Amazon Basics Products in June

While some factors that affect product pricing are universal such as supply vs demand, and market conditions, there are some aspects that are specific to Amazon. They include:

An analysis of the price changes of Amazon Basics products within a month shows how Amazon’s algorithmic and dynamic pricing model sets the prices according to the factors mentioned above.

The average price of Amazon basics products per week in June 2024

Based on MetricsCart market intelligence analysis, the first week of June had an average price of $21.57. However, in week 2, the average price skyrocketed to $77.14, which is more than three times higher than in week 1.

The third week of June witnessed a decline in price for Amazon Basics products. The average price was $13.26, which was the lowest in June.

The fourth week of June saw a slight increase to $21.68. The prices for Amazon Basics Products at the beginning and end of June were similar, at $21.

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