Popular Private Label Manufacturers in the US

Did you know there are traditional as well as non-traditional approaches to finding a private label manufacturer? Traditionally, retailers and brands attend trade shows and work with a sourcing company. In the non-traditional route, brands reach them digitally through supplier directories, online marketplaces, and online forums.

From consumer electronics to food and beverages, private label manufacturers produce items for thousands of popular brands. Choosing a private label manufacturer can free brands and retailers to focus on product development, pricing, and other key functions.

Today, retailers are competing against national CPG brands in a myriad of segments including premium, natural, organic, and more. The article serves as an extensive guide on private label manufacturers across different categories in the US.

Overseas Private Label Manufacturing vs. Domestic Private Label Manufacturing

While many private label manufacturers may seem similar, it’s important to vet them carefully to find the one that suits the brand’s needs now and in the future. Brands and retailers may have to consider:

  • Types of products to make and sell
  • Where to sell and ship them
  • How to price the items

Certain qualities to look for when selecting a private label manufacturer within or outside the country include:

Feature Overseas Private label Manufacturing Domestic Private Label Manufacturing
Location of Manufacturing Foreign country with lower costs Same country as the brand/retailer
Cost Lower due to reduced costs Higher due to local costs
Lead Times Longer due to shipping/customs Shorter, quicker turnaround times
Quality Control Higher quality labor And manufacturing standards Relatively low quality to meet price point; may have to pay for inspection
Communication and Collaboration May involve language barriers Easier communication and collaboration
Shipping and Logistics Complex logistics, longer transit Simplified shipping and logistics
Tariffs and Import Regulations May need to navigate trade barriers Avoids international trade complexities

How to Find Private Label Manufacturers?

Private label is one of the most effective ways to make a brand’s products stand out from the millions of others listed for sale online. Having decided on the products or niche category, next is finding the manufacturer. It is possible to reach them both traditionally and non-traditionally.

For retailers to contact them, they may work with a sourcing company or attend national and international private label exhibitions. In addition to traditional methods, digital channels can also be used to reach them.

Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA)

Founded in 1979, PLMA is a non-profit organization to promote private brands. In addition to annual trade shows in Chicago and Amsterdam, PLMA holds conferences, executive education, professional development, channel sales data, and more. Moreover, PLMA’s Annual Private Label Trade Show has brought retailers together with manufacturers for over 40 years. Some of the most-frequented members include:

  • National brand manufacturers who use excess capacity to supply private label brands
  • Small manufacturers that specialize in products
  • Retailers with their own facilities; from
  • Regional manufacturers that supply specific markets

Supplier Directories

ThomasNet, ReferenceUSA, Made In China, SaleHoo, Kompass, Mfg, Maker’s Row are some of the supplier directories to find private label manufacturers. These directories offer services to:

  • Find and compare suppliers across different categories
  • Receive an instant quote
  • Get in touch with multiple suppliers and receive quotes

Online Marketplaces

Another great way to find private label manufacturers is through online marketplaces. Retailers and brands may shortlist the products of their niche, and connect with the manufacturers. Alibaba, AliExpress, eBay, DHgate, and Amazon are some of the marketplaces.

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Google Search and Forums

A simple search on Google or forums like Reddit for private label manufacturers with the chosen brand niche may allow one to view the detailed profile of the suppliers. However, this requires further research to confirm the authenticity of the information.

US Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping helps brands find products they can sell without having to buy, store, pack, and ship stock. The dropshipping services are based within the US.

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Here’s a curated list of popular private label dropshipping and wholesale suppliers across different categories.

Food and Beverages Manufacturers

For the food and beverage industry, private label manufacturers are required to hold Safe Quality Foods certifications. Similarly, when the food product is vegan, organic, or holds a particular claim, it is required to be certified as Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance (RFA), etc.

eta food private label manufacturer

ETA Lumis Foods

Six out of ten American households bought plant-based items in 2022. The vegan food industry has drastically grown over the years. ETA Lumis Foods provides plant-based private label manufacturing services for large retailers, small startups, and any brand looking to SKU expansions. Some of the services include lab-scale formulation trial runs, RTC-IQF products, and fibrous whole-muscle products that closely simulate the texture of animal meat.

logo of food guys private label manufacturer


Foodguys has been in the bulk ingredient supplies industry since 1991. Their global solutions include industrial ingredient sourcing, negotiating, transporting, and delivering bulk orders at high-volume and low-cost per unit order prices. Fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, oils, and spices constitute few from the large base of ingredient lists.

food private label manufacturer white coffee logo

White Coffee

During the pandemic, Americans spent $1.8 billion on coffee purchased through e-commerce channels. Starbucks held a 40% share of the US online coffee sales market. To create national brand-equivalent coffee, White Coffee is a great example. The manufacturer offers a wide variety of single-origin, flavored, and decaf coffees. Their retail formats include nitrogen-flushed gazetted valve coffee bags to ensure quality and freshness.

private label manufacturer mister snacks


In 2023, snack food market revenue amounts to $110.3 billion. From trail mixes to chocolates and yogurts, MisterSnacks is one of the private-label manufacturers in the snacks category. The manufacturer offers nitrogen-flushed packages, code dating and tracing capabilities, metal checks, and other inspections for food safety, along with artwork and packaging.

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Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories Manufacturers

By partnering with private label clothing manufacturers, fashion brands design and manufacture their own clothing lines without having to invest in costly resources and expertise. Most private label manufacturers have access to advanced production facilities and skilled workers to create high-quality clothing at a lower cost.

clothing private label manufacturer alanic


Started in 2004, Alanic is a bulk manufacturer headquartered in Beverly Hills, California. Their vast catalog covers men’s, women’s, and kids – footwear, accessories, and athletic and custom clothing. The manufacturer runs offers and discounts during the holiday season that help retailers and brands get their hands on high-quality fabrics at great prices.

private label clothing manufacturer

Denim Manufacturing

Ever thought of starting a private label for jeans? Denim Manufacturing is a jeans private label manufacturer that offers premium denim at reasonable price points. Wholesale denim fabric, cut and sew manufacturing, sample making, trim development, and full package clothing production are some of the services offered.

wordans private label manufacturer


Wordans is a wholesale online marketplace with over 40 brands. The manufacturer calls it ‘Blank Apparel’ for retailers who wish to customize apparel items with their private label as per their requirements. Some of the brands include Gildan, Bella and Canvas, American Apparel, Augusta Sportswear, Fruit of the Loom, Q-tees, Rabbit Skins, and more. For instance, a Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton HD T-Shirt Is available at $2.57 while the retail price is at $9.26.

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Health and Beauty Manufacturers

In 2023, online beauty sales reached about $86 billion in the US. Similarly, personal care sales generated nearly $54 billion. However, finding the right private label manufacturer in the health and beauty segment can be challenging. Being in the know about the production process, speed, pricing, and best practices are a few of the factors to be considered.

mana private label manufacturers

MANA Products

Headquartered in the US, MANA has an extensive library of proprietary, regulatory-compliant, private-label formulas to suit each brand’s needs. For over 40 years, MANA has developed research-intensive formulas for renowned beauty brands. The manufacturing company is GMP, FDA, and OTC Compliant.

logo of inspec solutions private label manufacturer

InSpec Solutions

InSpec Solutions has 600-plus formulations in skin, OTC, body, and hair care to launch into the private label space. The manufacturer’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, and use non-toxic ingredients. They manufacture the products right in UL-audited, FDA and EPA-registered facilities practicing strict GMP standards. They take care of end-to-end label and design, product development, packaging options, and delivery solutions.

logo of vox nutrition private label manufacturer

Vox Nutrition

Vox Nutrition is an FDA-registered and GMP-compliant supplement manufacturer. The manufacturer has over 100 different supplements in stock. Their services range across manufacturing, bottling, label design, printing, labeling, and even fulfillment.

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Electronics and Home Suppliers

Amazon, Apple, Walmart, and BestBuy are some of the top online stores for the electronics and media segment in the US. Some of the prominently used search terms on these sites include phone cases, selfie sticks, in-car chargers, sunrise alarm clocks, and the like.

battery biz electronics private label manufacturer

Battery Biz

Battery-Biz is focused on the design, manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality power products. The products include battery generators, inverters, maintainers, power packs, and more. With over 30 years of power-related experience, Battery-Biz is the trusted supplier for some of the largest private label brands in the world, including Insignia & Platinum (Best Buy), Blackweb (Walmart), and Amazon Basics.

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solitude headphone private label manufacturer

Solitude Headphones

The headphones segment accounts for 7.7% of the TV, radio, and multimedia e-commerce market in the US. Solitude Headphone specializes in the product design and development of private label and licensed products for several industries. The headphone manufacturer develops products to match features based on existing designs or works hand-in-hand to create unique and innovative products.

hic private label manufacturer

Harold Import Company

In the US, kitchenware e-commerce amounted to $8.2 billion in revenue in 2022. At Harold Import Company, the sourcing services handle all aspects of private labels. This includes product sourcing, manufacturing, and fulfillment. The company has a wide assortment of wholesale cooking tools, easy online ordering, fast shipping, and a responsive customer support team.

Creating Competitive Private Label Brands for the Digital Shelf

Today, it takes more than manufacturing capabilities to ensure that your private label brand survives and thrives. Price is only one of the many checkpoints that exist when it comes to private label products. Consumers are actively searching and comparing products online. This calls for a strategic approach to manage and optimize your products in the digital space. Here’s where our digital shelf solutions come in.

At MetricsCart, we offer effective digital shelf monitoring. This includes share of search, rating and reviews, pricing, inventory, and more. By leveraging our expertise in digital shelf solutions, you can take your private label brand to the next level, ensuring that your products are presented strategically online to attract and retain customers.

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